Technology is shrinking the Globe

After news stories focused on the new technologies and how they affect the world today. New technological developments affect all areas of business and leisure, and they not only continues to grow – to grow with new technological developments will increase exponentially. Some people grumble new electronic gadgets and want a less complex society, while others have the opposite approached and criticize those who refuse to jump on the bandwagon of new products. The truth is that the best philosophy is somewhere in between. The new products that make it easier to save lives that aid in preventing war, and that a better use of the earth’s resources are positive. Products which take lives, increase hostility or warfare, or waste sources that shunned. Probably the vast majority of new electronic products fall somewhere between the two ends of the spectrum usefulness.

One way in which technology is shrinking the world in the field of business. Today, even a small home business Internet access it may be literally billions of people around the world. In recent years, establishing a market in another city was difficult. The large companies to expand their markets salespeople often a route or area. The regional office can be added or if the company has grown even larger, the establishment of an international office may be considered. It is necessary to recruit people to open fields and bring them to train regularly at the center. Alternatively, home office personnel might be moved overseas for a time, to oversee the creation and training of new offices or plants.

Today, many of the marketing of products via the Internet. Many businesses are eliminating the retail store and sell directly to customers an online shopping cart. Even in the highly specialized niche market entrepreneurs can make a living because so many more people can be reached. Customers will no longer be a big hike in the metropolitan area in order to get the best possible price is hard to find item. Chances are high that the order can be placed on the Internet in a safe place and paid electronically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Questions are often the products to solve customer service live chat feature found on many web sites.

Another area of ​​note in the electronic technology and the ability to use shrinks the world, millions of people worldwide cell or mobile phone. Within 50 years, the party went to use the phone lines where connections are also one of plugging wires in a panel of teenagers listening to music, sending pictures and chat with all the text messages and endless conversations on the color of handheld mobile phones. Mobile phones can bring FM stations that play music of the report that calls a friend and hours of fun games and puzzles.

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